Exhibitions Visit

Glastonbury: Land and Legend’ Exhibition


Before I stepped into the first showroom I saw the signs outside the room in handwriting style, this font already gave me the natural and free feeling before really visiting the exhibition.


The first thing I noticed from the exhibition is not the thing that I could see, but the natural environmental sounds that I heard. There was one screen showing the environment of the Glastonbury festival, and there are sounds of birds, winds coming with the scenes. I did not even need to see what’s happening on screen to gain the feeling of nature. Then I saw the sculptures displayed nearby the door. Being displayed in such a dim environment and with the spotlight casting down, the material and design of the sculptures expressed the sense of wildness and nature.


There were four posters displayed on the way to the second showroom, each of them showed a different theme of each year’s Glastonbury festival. They were so eye-catching for their large size and some of them even had strong colours contrast. With the content in those posters I had really basic knowledge of the festival.

Then I stepped into the second showroom and I saw the most exciting exhibit in this exhibition, which is an incomplete tent. There were videos showing on the clothes of the tent, both inside and outside, and there were cushions on the floor that people could lie on and enjoy the videos. I tried to enjoy the videos lying on cushions from different perspectives. Then I found that the display of cushions was a bit illogical because when I was lying on the cushion in the middle, I could not see any video comfortably and clearly. And I think the sound could be more surrounded in this environment to let the viewers to feel more engaged. When I walked around the tent to watch the videos being screened outside the tent clothes, I found the angles of the clothes made me feel dizzy and a bit sick.

The posters-wall surrounding the tent gave me a strong sense of the style of the festival as well, though I felt that they could be more or even overspread the whole wall to convey stronger theme.


Casper Mattress Pop Up Shop


My first impression of the shop comes from its decoration colour. It’s blue, and mainly in baby blue, which is a really soft and comfortable colour for me.

Then I stepped into the showroom to try their mattress and see how the rooms were displayed. The main colour of the room was in blue as well, it conveyed the calm and comfortable feeling to me, which made me feel that it is a place that could make me sleep well. There were two normal showroom for adults and children, both in baby blue. The differences were the one for adults was larger, and the bed was in the middle of the room, while the children one was smaller and with the bed next to the wall. Sleeping next to wall gives people the sense of security, which is what children or people who sleep alone need. There was a small screen on the smaller showroom showing some cute animated moving images, which made the room more for youngsters and more energetic.

In the middle of those two normal showrooms, there was a special showroom hiding behind curtains. Inside the curtains was a bed on the floor. The bed was set quite low, and the inside decoration was like the inside of a tent, and there were soft yellow lights coming through the fabrics in the dim environment, and there was chirp of birds around the space, together they created a quiet and peaceful environment to fall asleep. And the curtains outside the showroom were quite thick and seemed to separate the outside noise and bother from this showroom as well.



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